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The University of Southampton

The impact of our research

现金网注册正在让世界变得更好, working with industry, 政府和研究机构要产生全球影响.

We are a world-class research-intensive Russell Group university. Over 96 per cent of our research has been 被评为世界领先,国际优秀 卓越的研究框架(REF) 2014.

Our research highlights

Making the internet faster

Making the internet faster

Our research connects the planet; the whole global internet relies on our invention of erbium-doped fibre amplifiers that boost optical signals to allow fast telecommunications.

BBC Blue Planet II icon of seal under iceberg

The science behind Blue Planet II

来自该大学的Jon Copley博士和Cathy Lucas博士是BBC《电子现金网注册》系列节目的科学顾问. 他们的研究为现金网注册在屏幕上看到的令人难以置信的图像做出了贡献.

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The impact of our research

所有学科的新突破都有能力让现金网注册的生活更美好. 现金网注册相信,现金网注册有责任尽现金网注册所能,实现从学术出版到现实解决方案的飞跃,使现金网注册的研究能够帮助每一个人.

Measuring the impact of our research

Researchfish 促进研究成果的报告和研究影响的跟踪. The information gathered is used by over 100 funders and research institutes 并用于标准化研究成果收集和跟踪研究投资的影响.

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Impact Acceleration Accounts

Impact from research can be defined “as an effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia” - Research Excellence Framework (2011).

现金网注册很荣幸能与英国研究与创新(UKRI)在研究理事会影响加速账户(IAAs)上合作。. 这些是为研究机构提供的战略性奖励,以支持现金网注册的研究在柔性领域的知识交流和影响力, responsive and creative ways, including secondments/placements, developing research findings, 参与机会/活动和与非学术组织的商业关系发展, civic and third sectors.


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