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Regulations, policies and guidelines

We work within a set of regulations, policies and guidelines that determine how we operate. These ensure we follow best practice and meet our legal requirements in a range of key areas.

现金网注册在学生办公室注册, 英国新的高等教育管理机构. You can view our registration details on the OfS website.

We value transparency and freedom of information. 现金网注册在一个全面的网上“发布计划”中公开提供有关大学的信息。.

If you are unable to find the information you need online you can request information from us under the 信息自由 Act 2000, 在若干豁免下.

Find out 更多现金网注册信息自由和如何索取信息.




Under this 出版计划 we make the following seven classes of information available:





About us




以下确认, 参议院不受限制的/非机密的会议记录可公开获得,副本可通过电子邮件H.Daggenhurst@soton.ac.uk

  • Academic Quality and Standards Committee Minutes
  • 审计委员会分钟
  • 安全和职业健康咨询委员会
  • Faculty Programmes Committee Minutes
  • Genetic Modification and Biosafety Committee
  • Health and Safety Audit and Assurance
  • 军事教育委员会
  • 参议院会议记录
  • 提名委员会分钟
  • Safety and Occupational Health Committee
  • 参议院上诉委员会
  • 高级薪俸委员会会议记录
  • Standing Committee of Council Minutes
  • 学生纪律委员会
  • 大学伦理委员会









Material which is published and accessed from our website will be provided free of charge.

Information is available in hard copy on request. 大学保留对影印收费的权利, postage and packing or the costs directly incurred as a result of viewing information.


如果要收费的话, confirmation of the payment due will be given before the information is provided. 在提供资料之前,可能会要求付款.

Any charges, 提前支付, 一般情况下,前15页的邮费为4英镑+,每额外要求一页的邮费为25便士.


所有大学规章制度都列在大学日历上. 大学规章制度分为三种:一般规章制度, 更高的学位, 和老师具体.


The 一般规定 涵盖一般学术功能,如招生和注册, fees, attendance, 信用转帐, 投诉和纪律, 完成课程及颁发资格证书. They also cover the use of University facilities such as library and computing resources.



高等学历管理办法 列出一些研究生学位的条件,以及所附的研究候选人和督导工作守则.

Visit all regulations for 更高的学位.

Faculty-specific academic regulations

每个学院也有自己的学院 faculty-specific academic regulations.

Visit all faculty-specific academic regulations.

University network terms and conditions





“外部网络” 意味着网络, web pages or services which are owned, 由第三方管理或提供,但可能由用户从大学网络显示或链接.

“不可抗力” 指大学无法合理控制的任何情况, including but not limited to war or threat of war, riot, 内乱, 恐怖活动, 劳资纠纷, 自然或核灾难, 恶劣天气条件, 电力供应或其他服务因任何原因中断, fire, boycott, 和电信失败.

“Material” means all information and content published on 大学网络 including, 但不限于, text, video, 图形或声音材料, the intellectual property rights of which vest in the University or a third party.

“大学” means the 现金网注册, 1952年由皇家特许状成立,行政办公室设在大学路, Highfield, 电子现金网注册, SO17 1BJ.

“大学网络” means the University’s digital information network with domain name soton.ac.uk,用户可以通过几种方式访问, 包括但不限于 World Wide Web and through various devices which are used for the transmission or reception (either wholly or in part) of any data (including voice, e-mail, video, web content or any other types or formats of data).

“大学网络服务” means any and all services provided by the University relating to the use of, 与…的接触或互动, 大学网络. This includes the provision of any applications, information, services or facilities (either accessed directly or indirectly via 大学网络); e-mail, 网络应用程序(包括但不限于门户网站)或计算设施(包括但不限于工作站), 个人系统的访问服务,如拨号, VPN, 无线及自助服务).

“User” means the person browsing 大学网络, utilising University Network Services or using Materials obtained from 大学网络.


使用大学网络 by the User is subject to these terms which take effect and are binding on the User from his or her first use of 大学网络. 由用户继续使用, he/she agrees to be legally bound by the latest version of these terms on a continuing basis. 这些条款的所有更新将在本网页找到. 大学网络条款必须与本协议规定的政策和其他文件一起阅读.


By their nature, digital information networks are subject to constant change. 同时,所有合理的努力,以确保从大学网络提供的材料是准确和最新的, 所有的材料, 大学网络 and University Network Services are provided “as is”. The University reserves the right to alter the Materials at any time and to remove or block access to 大学网络 by a User at any time and without notice.


大学致力于使大学网络上的材料尽可能容易和广泛地获取, 无论用户的浏览器是什么. 中央网络的设计符合Section 508和W3C Web 可访问性 Initiative (WAI)标准.

Further details on our policy and how to change the format and presentation of the Materials available on the central network are available with these 可访问性工具.


大多数网站使用cookie是为了通过让网站“记住”用户来改善用户体验, 在访问期间(使用“会话cookie”)或重复访问(使用“持久cookie”).

Cookies are used by the University to collect information for the purposes of managing and improving the services on 大学网络, establishing browsing actions and patterns and preparing customised pages. Staff and students at the 现金网注册 should be aware that some internal systems require the use of cookies to function fully.


Status of Materials on 大学网络

The University Network may contain links that make it easy to visit External Networks. 大学对这些外部网络没有任何控制权,您的使用完全由您自己承担风险. 除非另有注明, the University does not endorse the information, links, 或者是信息和链接来源的组织.

The prospectuses for undergraduates and postgraduates are produced by the University to help prospective students choose a course of study. 招股说明书的在线版本仅作为指导,并不优先于印刷版本.

The University will use all reasonable efforts to deliver advertised programmes and other services and facilities in accordance with the descriptions set out in the prospectuses, 学生手册, welcome guides and in the Material available from 大学网络. However, 大学保留更改课程内容和教学大纲的权利, location, timetable or method of delivery of any course and/or to discontinue, 合并或合并大学认为必要的课程. For the full disclaimer concerning advertised programmes and other services please read 现金网注册校历 本合同包含哪些条款.

对于任何直接或间接的财务或其他损失或损害,大学将不承担责任, changes, 停止或合并任何学习计划, 服务或设施.

在哪里显示, 用户可以访问大学网络,提交在大学学习课程的申请. 申请的提交, even where the University’s eligibility requirements for that course are met, 并不保证大学接受申请. 成功的申请人将收到正式的录取通知书, which may be conditional or unconditional and open for acceptance by a prospective student within the time period and in the manner set out in the offer letter.

Upon acceptance by an applicant of an offer of a place at the University, the relationship between the applicant and the University becomes contractual. 在签订那份合同时, neither the applicant nor the University intends that any of the terms of the contract will be enforceable by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any person not a party to it.


知识产权, including but not limited to copyright, 存在于大学网络上发布的所有材料中,所有权可能属于大学, its staff, 学生或其他第三方.

除非另有注明, the User agrees that downloading and printing limited extracts of Material held on 大学网络 is only permissible by a User where it is for that User’s personal and non-commercial use only. No part of the Material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, 复印, 记录或其他, ,除非另有说明, without the prior written consent of the University or the third party in whom ownership vests.

The User is prohibited from collecting and arranging the Material or extracts from it in a systematic or regular manner or otherwise to create a database in electronic or paper form from all or part of the Material.

Particular images and words used on 大学网络 are registered trade marks of the University and may not be used without permission. A full list of all UK registered trade marks belonging to the University can be ascertained by consulting the online trade mark search facility managed by the 知识产权局.

信息自由 Act 2000 (FOI)

大学所持有的资料受《现金网注册》及其附属法例的规定所约束. This Act provides a general right of access, 在若干豁免下, to recorded information held by public authorities. For further details of the University’s FOI policy, 出版计划及联络详情,请参阅现金网注册信息自由 section.

Processing Data according to our 隐私政策

For information about what data is collected from Users accessing 大学网络 and how the University complies with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 please refer to the University’s 隐私政策. By using 大学网络 the User consents to the University processing his or her information as set out in the 隐私政策.

Uploading Information to 大学网络

The User warrants that he or she shall not use 大学网络 for any purpose, or upload any content to 大学网络, 这是违法的, unlawful, 保密或违反大学网络条款, 包括但不限于 可接受的使用政策. The User indemnifies the University for all third party liabilities and all claims, costs, expenses, 损失或损害, the University incurs as a result of the User’s breach of this warranty.

Uploading Information to 大学网络

The User warrants that he or she shall not use 大学网络 for any purpose, or upload any content to 大学网络, 这是违法的, unlawful, 保密或违反大学网络条款, 包括但不限于 可接受的使用政策. The User indemnifies the University for all third party liabilities and all claims, costs, expenses, 损失或损害, the University incurs as a result of the User’s breach of this warranty.


Users may create a link to 大学网络 provided it is fair, does not damage or is not likely to damage the reputation of the University, does not take unfair advantage of the University and does not create or have the likelihood of creating the impression that the University approves, endorses or is associated with that individual or any individual which he or she represents. Material made available on 大学网络 may not be framed by any third party. 大学可以在任何时候撤回其连接到大学网络的许可,而无需任何理由和通知.

大学可能会不时地显示到外部网络的链接,但不对其内容负责, 操作或通过外部网络提供的其他服务,因为这些服务不受大学控制. 用户应确保其阅读并了解管理其使用和访问外部网络的条款和条件.


The rules for prize draws published by the University through 大学网络 will be governed by the terms of entry related to that specific prize draw and these rules. These rules shall take precedence in the event of any conflict with specific prize draw rules. 有资格参加免费抽奖及有机会赢取推广活动中所列的奖品(“奖品”), a User must be a resident of the 联合王国 and over 16 years old. No payment will be required by a User for participation or entry into the Prize draw.

进入的方法, the date and time by which an entry should be received by the University and the details of the draw will be set out on the pages of 大学网络 relevant to that Prize. ,除非另有说明, the first entry drawn via random selection, 所有完成的作品将被宣布为获胜者. All decisions are final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

The winner will be notified within a reasonable time after the draw and shall be required to provide a physical address for delivery of the Prize within 30 days of receipt of the winning notification. Failure to notify the University of the address for delivery of the Prize will render the entry null and void and the Prize will be forfeited.


用户可透过浏览现金网注册的网页,在网上无条件捐款给大学 Support Us 页,点击 Donate Now. 通过捐赠, the User confirms that personal information entered, the Gift Aid declaration and other data input into the online payment facility, contains information which is true and accurate.


大学网络条款中没有任何内容限制或排除用户或大学对死亡或人身伤害的责任, any fraud or for any sort of liability that, by law, 不能被限制或排除.

The University will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that 大学网络服务 and 大学网络 are error- and virus-free including by conducting regular virus cleaning operations. However, 这是因为大学网络的性质,以及大学控制之外的人对它的访问, the University does not guarantee continuous, 不间断或安全的进入大学网络, nor does it guarantee that 大学网络服务 are 错误和/或无病毒.

Accordingly, 大学网络服务, University Network and Materials are provided on an "as is" basis and as and when available. 在法律允许的范围内, 大学特此排除所有隐含的保证, 条款或其他条款, whether implied by statute or otherwise, including 但不限于 any terms as to skill and care or timeliness of performance, or any terms that 大学网络服务 and/or 大学网络 are secure, 错误和/或无病毒.

To the full extent allowed by applicable law, the University will not be liable to any User or any third party for any consequential or incidental damages (including but not limited to loss of revenue, 利润的损失, 预期节省的损失, 浪费的支出, 隐私和数据的损失)或任何其他间接损失, 因使用大学网络而引起的或与使用大学网络有关的任何特殊或惩罚性损害赔偿, 大学服务或材料. The Material is not provided for any particular purpose and should not be relied upon by a User without first taking specialist professional advice.


可拆卸的请求 & 投诉程序

If you are of the opinion that Material on 大学网络 is an infringement of your intellectual property rights and related rights or is offensive or unacceptable in some other way, 请立即联系 法律服务 带有以下信息:-

  • 按标题、描述和网址识别项目;
  • The nature of the complaint; and
  • Any supporting or substantiating evidence you have.